Monday, February 24, 2014


It is exciting to announce we will have new fitness and yoga classes starting March 2014! We hope this will be a welcomed addition to our list of classes.

The best of all - the new classes will be absolutely FREE for the month of March! Bring your friends and family for a different gym experience.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


we're on a roll! versus is very proud to bring julio cesar pereira to hong kong for the week of 21 october 2013.

julio is a highly respected 6th dan master and a founding member of gf team. his profile can be seen here

he will arrive in hong kong 21 october and will be hanging out at versus for a week.  his seminar will take place at versus on 26 october (saturday), limited to 25 students only so book with us now: 2851 1929 or

we have never officially announced it but versus is affliated with gf team :)

chris shen seminar

yesterday we were really happy to have chris shen from australia for a wrestling seminar, many appreciate his techniques and teachings.

thanks to chris and everyone who participated. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

launch of our chinese website

we finally have a chinese website!

please note as from today, our websites will be:

english version:
chinese version:

it's still a bit of a work in progress but the most important bits have been translated.

of course you can still link to the other language, whichever one you choose :) enjoy

Thursday, August 8, 2013

yay for tees! (about time...)

so we finally managed to get some t-shirts done woot woot!

more items to come soon :)

*any comments/ideas for current/future items welcomed!

Monday, July 22, 2013

mma cancelled 23 july

Seems like nobody is able to take the class so we must cancel. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Quinton is flying off to Brazil at this moment. He stayed in his hometown Cape Town for just over a week to train and catch up with his mates.

Friday, July 12, 2013

quinton in brazil

quinton will be in brazil for a month until 12 Aug.

he will be training and competing as a brown belt for the final time (fingers-crossed) so he will no doubt breathe new life in his teachings through new techniques and skills he's learnt through this trip.

sean and wendy will be taking the majority of the classes, sorry for the inconvenience.

here's a picture of brazilian beach girls to make y'all jealous:

he better not be enjoying it too much!

congratulations frankie!

another blue belt from versus!

frankie has been very dedicated and hardworking in the last 3 years and we are very proud of him.

with the new belt comes new responsibilities; we are grateful for him helping out with classes while quinton's away. congrats again!

Friday, July 5, 2013

core values

As a small community, we wish to reinforce our values as above and hope you can appreciate we strive to do the best for our members and friends.

We welcome comments and constructive criticisms so please feel free to let us know what you think!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

earlybird fitness class

2 posts in one day - the moon's gonna be blue tonight.

from next thursday (30 may 2013) we will start a morning fitness sesssion with jason cortis.

6:45 am start
1 hour
$190 ($150 for versus members)

details of jason:

start your day fresh and get your summer beach bod here!

booking essential. 2851 1929 or

thanks for the support guys!

we're terrible at marketing ourselves - a lot of gyms promote themselves on forums but we never do it. i was googling something and came across this at an expat forum randomly that really delighted me:

(please click to view properly)

i have no idea who you two are but i want to give you guys a big hug!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

congrats to a new blue belt

max is not our first blue belt but it's the first time we're blogging it, and we hope to do so for everyone else.

this is the fourth blue belt quinton has given out (he clearly doesn't give them out easily...)

coincidently it's his 18th birthday today so congrats on the blue belt and being a grown-up!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Seminar at Wangseng Shenzhen

Quinton was invited to hold a seminar at Wanseng MMA in Shenzhen yesterday. It was surprisingly quick to get there, so it could be a start of something more regular.

Thanks Woody for hosting, we had a great time and hope students of WSC enjoyed it.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy new year!

Gung hei fat choi! May the year of the snake bring you all happiness and prosperity.

Quinton will be away from Saturday to compete in Japan (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) with Max. Best of luck to them both.

He is back on Friday, sorry for the inconvenience caused. I (Karen) am going to Japan as well, but I'll be  available on email - please contact Phil in case of emergencies.

Classes will still run, but will be taken by other trainers.

Thanks a lot for your understanding.

Monday, July 30, 2012


thought we changed it everywhere but we missed one of the most important places!

please note we have relocated to:

5th Floor Workington Tower
78 Bonham Strand
Sheung Wan

thanks and see u all at the new place soon

Sunday, April 22, 2012

mma is not your average street fight!

中國武術慣常分為南北派、內外家,而近代世界武壇則有「立技」與「寢技」之說。立技(stand-up fight)以拳腳攻擊為尚,如泰拳、空手道、拳擊等搏擊主流,故又稱「打擊系」;寢技本是柔道術語,以鎖技壓制致勝,如柔術、柔道等,因雙方重心貼近地 面纏鬥,又有「地戰」(ground fight)之名。

習武者多以打擊系為時尚,因為效果顯易達到且華麗多姿,電影上連年渲染吹捧,大眾以此類 為主流。反之以近距摔撻、關節壓制、纏鎖等欠缺速度和爆發力的地戰技巧,相比便明顯毫不起眼。但據綜合格鬥擂台戰績證明,百分之七十戰果都是擅地戰者勝, 其餘百分之三十是拳腳制勝。打擊系好手往往無用武之地,致敗原因都是知己不知彼,小覷地戰技術的結果。有人認為地戰的扭抱和雙方倒地後仍揮拳攻擊無異於爛 仔交,的確街頭毆鬥大多從纏扭開始,出手雜亂無章法。其實地戰技巧細微多變、合乎力學,而近距的拳肘膝腳攻擊和防衞亦有系統地訓練,追求最直接和全面的技 術,才足以應付擂台格鬥和實戰所需,是上乘武術。把綜合格鬥貶同爛仔交的人只凸顯其無知如井底蛙。

Thursday, April 19, 2012

is the mma craze here to stay?

mma has been getting a lot of attention lately. with the biggest mma gym opening in central, tv and magazine coverage, it seems to be everywhere (or are we extra sensitive to it?). we were very happy to see ourselves (quinton, phil and charbel) featured on the pearl report this week -

of course we would like this to continue but i wonder if this is just a phase? is hk ready to take on mma as a real sport?

Friday, March 30, 2012

Legend FC

Tonight is Legend FC 8 - Alex Lee, one of our own, is fighting. Most of us are going down to support him, so we're sorry that Kickboxing (7:30) is cancelled tonight. See you there!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy 2012!

admittedly we (that means _i_) have been a bit lazy and haven't updated anything.

trust everyone's had a great holiday and we wish you a happy and healthy year!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welcome Groupon-ers!

perhaps a little late since the deal ended last week but we welcome all new people from groupon!

we hope you enjoy our studio.

bookings can be made online. or you can email karen at


Monday, August 22, 2011

book yourself in online!

the system is almost there and you are welcome to log in to book your classes and things.

please let me know if you have any questions. we hope this will make things easier for you!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

it's coming...........

a new system will be in place soon for versus - details on this soon.

we hope it will enhance our services and be more convenient for you all!

new search for bjj instructor

we've been wanting to hire a new brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor for 6 months now....if you know anyone please let us know.


Friday, July 29, 2011

NEVER use this company - aim,hk!!

this is so frustrating and they have pushed me to the edge - i need everyone to know and avoid this company like a plague!

i've been battling with this company for over 6 months now to have the versus website up. A site that I have paid for 12 months ago.

admittedly, I submitted the information later than they asked for. They asked me to pay a penalty (30%) which I already thought was ridiculous... after some negotiations we agreed to settle on paying for 3 year's worth of hosting in replacement of this penalty.

i had this supposedly design guy ask me for photos, that i sent. i heard nothing from them then when i asked, they said i hadn't submitted the photos. after some investigation he told me he _did_ have the photos.

so heard nothing for a while, kept trying to ring this guy and they tell me he's on holiday and does not know when he'll be back. it got to a point where i called them everyday until he got this other sales guy who declares the company knows nothing about this deal and will not do anything until i pay the penalty. he said there is nothing he can do as there was no documented evidence - which would be a valid point, only if they actually replied to their emails!! they always call you up on the phone and never follow anything up on emails.

after several arguments, they finally found the missing guy and apparently made him pay for the penalty. so i want to get my money's worth and decided to go ahead and complete what they were set out to do. they agreed to do it but the condition was that i cannot change anything on the site (which was 12 months' old!). it makes no sense as they have done absolutely nothing on the site and would not cost them any more if i had a new design, they purely just want to make it hard and to deter you from taking that option.

a month later, i hear nothing. i call and they say they cannot get to my email. funny how all the other emails manage to arrive in my inbox.

now to distance myself away, i ask for my hosting passwords, then this support person keeps asking me to verify with the contact person of the contract! i am the freaking contact. it comes from the email they have on file so what is the problem? I also used the registered email to tell them to change the the contact email to another but it's still not good enough. everything is just so hard my level of satisfaction is frankly at 0%

there are so many problems with this company and the way they deal with things i can go on for days. if you want details you are more than welcome to talk to me!

constant stalling and non-delivery make me so infuriated. all i can say is, a few thousand bucks bought me a valuable lesson. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - AIM (

Monday, July 25, 2011

taiwan bjj championships

with only 2 people from versus, we did pretty good.

Brown Belt Light - Silver - Quinton Arendse
Black Belt Heavy - Gold - Oswaldo Ornellas Neto
No Gi Elite 70-88kg - Gold - Quinton Arendse
No Gi Elite Open - Gold - Oswaldo Ornellas Neto

well done not only to versus but to all our friends at the competition who did extremely well :)

versus would like to thank taiwan bjj for organising and the warm welcome, the organisation was great and we all enjoyed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

22 July 2011 - 25 July 2011

We will be away for the Taiwan BJJ competition from Friday evening to Monday evening. Classes will be as follow:

KB - Replacement Teacher

KB - Replacement Teacher
MMA - Cancelled
BJJ - Cancelled

BJJ 4:30 - Cancelled
BJJ 6:30 - Cancelled
KB - Normal, Quinton will be back

Good luck to Dinho and Quinton!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


to everyone who came to the party, hope you all had a great time.

as usual we're not the most organised and did not take any photos so if you have any please share them with us!

really appreciate everybody's support with versus so far and hope we'll be around for many more years :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

versus is 1

Have a drink and cake on us!

We are holding our first anniversary party this Friday (8 July 2011) at

Shore - 3/F, L Place, 139 Queen's Road Central

Come by after 7 :)

REMINDER: No Kickboxing on Friday evening, Sorry for an inconvenience caused.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

dear all valuuppers......

thanks for your interest and congrats on taking up the deal!

please click on the facebook link on the left, you will see schedules and updates there. we're sorry but our website is down at the moment.

if you have any questions please email us on

thanks again and see you all soon!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

versus is 1

we're having a party to celebrate our first birfsday, we haven't quite decided what to do yet but all members and friends welcome!

we are also celebrating because we now officially have 100 members! thank you all for your support and it's the people like yourselves who make Versus a place we like.

save the date for 16th july 2011 (saturday). cheers :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


well done quinton! great win by armbar 1st round 2 mins in.

thank you to everyone who came to support - we felt as though the whole gym was there! we heard the cheers and we were so happy you were all a part of it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

come support quinton!

quinton will be fighting this coming tuesday in kowloon bay starhall. we have tickets ($200) but they are running out, there are more available at tom lee and hkticketing.

thanks for those who already purchased tickets - see u all there!

Monday, April 25, 2011

1st United Jiu-Jitsu of Asia Cup

A big thanks to Makoto and his team at HKJJ for organising a great event.

As a very small team of 5, we did extremely well in the competition. We hope more students come and experience the excitement and get into the team spirit.

Well done to team Versus:

Gary Huen - Silver Blue Belt -70kg
Pelle Samuelsson - Gold Blue Belt -74kg
Quinton Arendse - Silver Brown/Black Belt -82kg
Oswaldo Ornellas Neto - Gold Brown/Black Belt +100kg / Silver Absolute

Pak Hei Lai (14) had his debut fight and did very well against adult men.

We are very proud of everyone in team Versus, because you show great sportmanship and integrity; winning is just a by-product of your hard work. Keep it up guys - now back to training!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oswaldo 'Dinho' Ornellas Neto

Versus welcomes Dinho to Hong Kong.

Dinho comes from Rio de Janeiro and is an excellent black belt and became a Professor in 2010. He lives and breathes for Jiu Jitsu - his teachings are really informative and his true passion is to help you learn the art of jiu-jitsu.

He will stay with us for about 6 months, training with us and helping us improve our jiu-jitsu

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NEW BJJ Black Belt from Brazil

versus aims to bring at least 1 international guest instructor a year, who stays for a few months so our students can get exposed to different teachings and techniques thoroughly.

keeping up with our philosophy and goals for versus, we have found another excellent bjj black belt from brazil - oswaldo ornellas neto. he will start at versus next week and we would like to welcome him!

oswaldo came highly recommended by a bjj world champion, so we are very excited to have him with us. he will be teaching versus bjj classes and is available for personal training sessions.

details about him and his training will be updated here soon!

Monday, December 20, 2010

China Abu Dhabi Trials - Shanghai

We had a great weekend in Shanghai for the Abu Dhabi trials. Congratulations to:

Brown/Black Belt
Men - Absolute Gold - Rodrigo Caporal
Men -74kg Gold - Rodrigo Caporal
Men -74kg Bronze - Quinton Arendse

White/Blue Belt
Men -68kg Silver - Pelle Samuelsson
Men -68kg Bronze - Douglas Pieterse

It was the first competition for almost half the team, everyone fought so well, thank you all again for being part of Team Versus!

photos coming up soon......

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Well done to Team VERSUS........

FBT Thailand Open

Rodrigo Caporal:

Most Technical Fighter (Gi)
Gold - No-Gi Adult - Elite 80kg
Gold - Gi Absolute - Black
Gold - Gi - Black - Men Heavy
Silver - No-Gi Absolute - Elite - Adult Men

Quinton Arendse:

Bronze - Gi Adult - Brown - Men Light
Bronze - No-Gi Adult - Elite 80kg

Gary Huen:

Bronze - Gi Adult - Blue - 64kg

3 out of 3! Extremely proud of you all!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Versus Performance Minibus

Yay!!!! We have our very own minibus - watch out for us if you are on the route 56 or 56A (goes from Mid-levels - Causeway Bay - North Point)

Monday, September 6, 2010

COPA DE HK no gi 2010 tournament & leo viera seminar

Team Versus

Everyone - Thanks Kowloon BJJ!

Versus Results:

Over 76kg  (White/Blue)

Gold: Douglas Pieterse
Silver: Pelle Samuelsson
Bronze: Gary Huen

Under 76kg (Purple/Brown/Black)

Gold: Quinton Arendse (Over a friendly game of Rock, Paper, Scissors)

Over 76kg (Purple/Brown/Black)

Gold: Rodrigo Caporal

Best Fight

Pelle Samuelsson

Amazing results! Keep up the good work, gang!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


friday 16th july 2010


special prices

come in for drinks, food and chit chat!

16/f cnt commercial building
302 queen's road central
sheung wan
hong kong

phone 2851 1929

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

a BIG welcome to Rodrigo Caporal

Caporal is a black belt from ATOS Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He is here until Christmas to train with us.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Is third time really the charm?

So we've finally settled on the name Versus Performace, this time is the absolute final!

Thank you to everyone who played a part in this.

Expect our grand opening coming up 31 July :)